Our IBM trained engineers engineers can resolve problems like shadows on screen, green lines on screen, laptop LCD Display and blown capacitor faster than most laptop manufacturers and laptop retailers.


  Repair IT
   Third Floor 303B
Premier House
  1 Canning Road
  Middlesex HA3 7TS

Tel. 020 8426 0567

email: sales@repairitonline.co.uk

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Business Hours
Mon-Fri 9.00am-5.00pm
Sat 10.00am-2.00pm

Please call to check availability.
Visitors welcome. Please allow
one hour for screen installation.

B140EW01 B141EW01 B141EW02 141EW03 B141EW04 LCD SCREEN

UK's top laptop screen suppliers. Expert While-U-Wait fitting service.

Bare LCD panels are very delicate and need careful handling. It is easy scratch or crack the panel during the installation process. Excessive pressure applied to the edge of the screen can cause connections to deteriorate and permanent vertical lines may appear on the screen. A small mistake with an LCD screen can be very expensive. It is also easy to misdiagnose some image problems and purchase the wrong part.

Risk-Free repair: Our engineers have a lot of experience with LCD installations. The work is guaranteed and our NO FIX - NO FEE policy means you only pay for successful repairs. There is no risk of ordering an expensive screen when the real fault lies elsewhere, ordering an incorrect part or damaging the LCD panel.

We resolve shadows on screen, green lines on screen, laptop LCD Display and blown capacitor problems on most Toshiba Fujtsu Dell Advent and Sony laptops, notebook and netbook computers. B140ew01 B141ew04, B141ew02, 141ew03, B141ew01 screens can be installed While-U-Wait. Please check availability. Our IBM trained engineers engineers can repair your laptop faster than most manufacturers.




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no fix no fee

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